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Thank you for your interest in learning more about us. Here, you can learn more about our beliefs, mission, purpose, as well as our staff.


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Our mission statement is simple: Love God, love others, and grow together through Christ.

Our Mission

The Gathering is a young, independent, non-denominational church. We started with a small group of people who came together out of a shared desire to create a different kind of church—a church that was not defined by a specific place or a specific gathering time, but by a group of people living out the truth of God’s Word by modeling grace, and by loving and serving others. The Gathering began as just that—a group of people without a building to meet in. We do not currently own a building. Part of our journey has included meeting in other church buildings, a hotel and a school building. This is one reason we call ourselves a “Church Without Walls.” Also, we believe that WE are the church. We believe we are to represent Christ to everyone we meet, wherever and whenever we are provided the opportunity.


Our church was born out of difficulty and has had a challenging first year. We have experienced pain, hurt, and brokenness, and yet, we continue to experience the love and blessings of God and are committed to His purpose for our church. Our experiences have positioned us to understand and be able to minister to those who have been hurt or have been disillusioned by church or its people and those who have never understood church at all.


It is our desire to intentionally and directly work alongside other churches in our community to take the message of Jesus out to meet people where they are. We are uniquely equipped and have the flexibility to support this effort as we do not have to support the financial obligations and time to care for a facility. Also, we have partnered with a vendor, Portable Church Industries ( to design and create a system of custom made cases to hold all of the equipment needed to create clean, safe and inviting environments anywhere. This equipment can be transported and set up or torn down in less than an hour. These resources allow us to have gatherings out in the community.


The mission of The Gathering is this: “Loving God. Loving Others. Growing Together through Christ. We are excited to get to know you. Please join us.

The Gathering is an independent church that desires to help people discover God and grow in their relationship with him. We strive to show Christ to the people of our community and beyond through loving them, serving them, and walking together.  

Our Story

Our Purpose

The Gathering has acquired new equipment that allows us to easily have a service or event anywhere. We are looking forward to being able to gather in various places all over the community very soon. We are in a very special season at The Gathering as we prepare to launch Saturday evening services as well as taking advantage of the resources we have been blessed with by going out and meeting people where they are. Check out this video that captures the highlights of our training weekend where we learned how to use our equipment and also had our first run through at Lakeview Middle School.

Church Without Walls

Statement of Faith